A Life Without Restrictions

Your life is too important to be held back.

The key is your posture - your health depends on it.


What We're About

"Our lives have gotten so complicated that we pay less attention to our health than our phones. Through it all, our bodies are supposed to heal themselves. We promise to give you the best options to ensure your future wellness and let you lead the life you were designed to."

Drs. Pilar & Joe Labriola

Our Services

  • Chiropractic

    Not just adjusting…structural correction.  Improve your posture and be a better version of you.

  • Weight Loss

    Our plans involve real food and build the correct habits.  Keep the weight off for good…and do it right!

  • Massage Therapy

    Used in conjunction with our chiropractic treatment plans to improve mobility and accelerate healing.  Or, just relax a bit.

  • Custom Orthotics

    Imbalance in the feet can create low back, hip, knee or ankle pain.  Stabilize the foot with orthotics customized for you.

Our Patients Speak

We've helped thousands of people with all types of conditions.  Here's some of their stories.

Community Events

Health Talks

We'll do talks for your company or organization.  Topics range from stress, proper sitting, even weight loss.

Massage Day 

Who doesn't want to relax? Bring our massage therapists in for a day of stress relief and show your appreciation for their hard work.  A 10-minute chair massage certainly improves morale!

Posture Screenings

In just a few minutes, members of your organization can find out how good - or bad - their posture really is.

Wellness Programs

Looking to get everyone in shape?  Wellness programs are cost-effective and keep productivity high.  Use our menu of services to start on the right path.


Consultation times that fit your schedule.  Let's help you.